About Beachfront

We are a small new company with big aspirations. We look to offer something a little different, a much more personal service. We love what we do and we want to share it with you.

We have fun, but we also take safety very seriously, ensuring that all of the equipment we use is regularly serviced and professionally checked and serviced. We focus on promoting environmental best practices and are actively trying to ensure we are at the forefront of this in everything we do. Most of all though, we want to create a thoroughly fun and enjoyable experience for our guests in a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you to the Beachfront Family.

Welcome to Beachfront - Beachfront Divers - Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Your new home away from home

We strive to make Beachfront a friendly welcoming place, and we're sure you'll feel right at home. The perfect base to dive from, a great place to lounge around on the beach in the day, enjoy some drinks and good company in an evening or a place to stay after a day enjoying this paradise island.

Phi Phi Islands - Kayaks, Monkey Beach - Beachfront Divers

Apres Dive

Just because you've finished diving doesn't mean your day at Beachfront has to. Located right on the beach we have all manor of games and activities on offer, as well as hammocks, a book exchange, mouth-watering food and drinks and even kayaks for the 15-minute trip to explore Monkey Beach.

Beachfront Team - SCUBA Diving - Phi Phi Thailand

Our Team

Assembled from all corners of the globe, we'll be on hand for whatever you need in your time with us here as we welcome you to the Beachfront Family. We are happy to help in English, Español, Français or Thai.

If you look at Earth from space you see a dot, that’s here. That’s home. That’s us. It underscores the responsibility to deal more kindly and compassionately with one another and to preserve and cherish that pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.
— Carl Sagan