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If you are looking to take your diving to the next level then we can guide you through your next course or teach you about your favourite part of diving! If you have your PADI Open Water certificate already then the thing most people want is the option to go deeper than 18m (60ft), the PADI Deep Diver adventure dive can be the perfect follow on, allowing you to dive to 30m (100ft) deep. Another favourite is the Wreck Diver adventure dive, which will teach you everything you need to know to dive on a wreck, and in Phi Phi we have the Klaed Gaeow wreck sitting at 26m underwater since 2014.

But if you are really looking to take your diving to the next level, then both the Deep and Wreck Specialties can be part of the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. Alongside this you will learn about underwater navigation and buoyancy, two key skills when progressing your diving ability.

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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

This course is available to anyone who has completed the PADI Open Water (or equivalent) course previously. The PADI Advanced course allows you to dive anywhere in the world up to 30m as well as giving you experience in navigation, buoyancy, night diving, wreck diving or underwater photography. The course lasts 2-3 days and includes 5 dives and theory lessons. 

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PADI Rescue Diver Course

The PADI Rescue course is designed to further your knowledge and safety when diving, and will provide you with great peace of mind, whether looking to begin a career in diving or simply taking your diving to the next level.

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PADI Specialties

PADI Specialties give you the opportunity to learn about the things that interest you the most when diving. Fish ID? Deep Dive? Night Dive? Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation Diver? Send us a message telling us what interests you the most about diving and we'll find the perfect speciality for you.

PADI Adventure Dives

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