Snorkeling and Boat Trips

Phi Phi Islands are surrounded by a Marine Park which protects the crystal-clear coral rich waters and the abundance of marine life that they support. The park is best enjoyed from the water, where the breathtaking scenery is sure to amaze, with sheer limestone cliff faces, secluded hidden bays, and tiny tropical islands. But it's under the water where this tropical paradise really comes to life with a staggering variety of marine life.

If you are travelling in a group with some people wanting to dive and others snorkel, then we can certainly put together the perfect package to keep everyone happy. Many of the coral reefs start just off the beaches so provide the perfect spot for snorkelers, as well as allowing divers to start here and work there way a little deeper onto the reef.

Private Taxi Boat

If its a private boat trip for you and your group then look no further, between ourselves and the local boat captains we can certain sort you out! 3hr or 6hr trips available, pick the spots you’d like to see and as long as the sun is shining we’ll get you there, or we can take you to some of our favourite spots too.

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Snorkelling is a very accessible way to enjoy the beauty of Phi Phi Islands underwater world. Dipping just under the surface you will begin to experience the amazing beauty of life flourishing in the sunbathed shallow waters surrounding the islands.

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Longtail Boat

Our custom Beachfront Longtail Boat is easily able to navigate into the most stunning and secluded of bays. As well as having an element of luxury with an on-board cooler and a captain to take you exactly where you want to go and at your own pace.

Loh Sama Bay - Beachfront Divers - Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Hidden Bays

We know all the best places to take you, whether you need that postcard photo to cherish or simply marvel at the beauty of mother nature on a deserted beach, we can take you there.

Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs provide all the shelter and food needed to support a wonderfully diverse array of life. The corals themselves are sure to amaze with a beautiful variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Alongside the vast numbers of different fish species that call Phi Phi home, you also have the chance to see (harmless) black-tip reef sharks and turtles.

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