At Beachfront we are very keen to partner with other organisations that share our philosophies and aspirations. We work with a mixture of local and global groups, to ensure safety, environmental conservation, reef restoration and charitable work.

Every drop in the ocean counts.
— Yoko Ono


PADI is the largest recreational diving and training organisation.

As a PADI Dive Resort we are able to offer both SCUBA diving and Accommodation. But at Beachfront we also have a Restaurant and Bar where you'll find a friendly crowd to share your dive experiences with.

Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung are a leading SCUBA manufacturer with a rich history dating back to when Jacques Cousteau first began exploring the worlds oceans.

At Beachfront we have the latest equipment new for 2016/17 that is intuitive for begginers as well as having a host of features to delight experienced divers.

Trash Hero

The Trash Hero mission is to create sustainable, community-based projects that remove existing waste, and reduce future waste by inspiring long-term behaviour change.

At Beachfront you can purchase a Trash Hero Water Bottle, that not only looks super-stylish but also avoids the need for single use plastic; refills are then free, not just from us but from hundreds of locations across the world!

Project Aware

Focusing on the critical issues of Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris, Project AWARE empowers thousands of divers in more than 182 countries to work together for a clean, healthy and abundant ocean planet.

We work with with Project Aware on a number of fronts, but most excitingly we have adopted our own local dive site and undertake routine clean-ups to ensure our corner or paradise stays that way.

Ocean Quest

Programs and courses dedicated to securing a sustainable future for coral reefs, the organization focuses on giving back to local communities and protecting the marine environment.

Working towards a sustainable future for Maya Bay.

Drone Major

Drone Major is the World’s leading independent drone advisory service, enabling clients to navigate the expanding applications of drone technology across all environments.

Working together to showcase the role drones can play in environmental conservation and creating stunning videos along the way.

Phi Phi Dive Committee

Phi Phi Dive Committee

Safety, Conservation and Protection.

The local dive shops work together to ensure safe practices within the Phi Phi Marine Park, creating and maintaining artificial reef structures and sharing resources to maximise environmental efficiency.

Green Fins

To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving and snorkelling tourism industry.

We fully support the work being done by Green Fins and ensure that sustainable practices are at the heart of everything we do.


To prevent damage and promote sustainable utilisation, as well as monitoring and research to conserve and rehabilitate coastal resources.

Working with the DMCR will allow us the opportunity to begin work on restoring and supplementing the existing coral reefs with artificial structures.

Department for National Parks

Phi Phi Marine Park surrounds the islands and streches 3km out to sea. To ensure the park is conserved and protected the Department for National Parks collect 400฿ per person entering the park, and an additional 200฿ for divers.

Phi Phi Hospital

Phi Phi Island Hospital

We donate the ringpulls from our Beachfront Bar to Phi Phi Hospital where they are used to make crutches for children.

As if you needed another reason to join us for a beer!

DAN Asia-Pacific

DAN is Divers Alert Network, the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. Serving scuba divers for more than 30 years, DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities and more.