Friends, Reviews and Social Media

At Beachfront we are very fortunate to have some great friends, and the list only grows longer. From tourists and travellers to global organisations we're open to all, you'll always find a friendly face at Beachfront, whether it's for a beer and a chat, a dive into the beautiful Phi Phi Marine Park, a local beach-clean, a night in our hotel or anything in between. We're making a home for ourselves and a relaxed open creative space for all, and we'd love to welcome you to the family.

I can tell that we are gonna be friends
— The White Stripes


Don't just take our word for how lovely we think we are; here are some kind words left by old guests and new friends :)

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Thank You

We wouldn't be in the position we are today without the help and support of a lot of people, so a big thank you to everyone who's contributed in any way shape or form, starting with our wonderful guests who have been more than willing to get stuck in and help us launch such an exciting business; past guests have fixed our boat engine, concreted the bar floor, painted all manor of wonderful things, helped us with beach cleanups and underwater cleanups, inspired us with new music, DJ'd for us at our full-moon parties, put in a shift on the bar, created new drinks, given us marketing strategies, tried to explain to us what SEO is, given us quotations for installing solar panels, sent over plans for composting, and countless other wonderful things. Thanks to the Department for Marine and Coastal Resource and the Department for National Parks. A thank you to our friends at PP Beach Front Hotel for the stunning base to work from, and many of the locals who help us more than they know. Also a thanks to other dive shops on the island and the Phi Phi Dive Committee, allowing us to share resources to reduce our environmental impact, and a thanks to staff new and old who are the lifeblood of our operation. And a big thanks to our mums and dads, just because. Thanks to Squarespace for allowing us the platform to create our website. Finally thanks to some very talented photographers who've been with us along the way capturing every precious moment. Cheers.